Dehradun, Capital of Uttaranchal state in India is also known as Doon valley and is situated at the foothills of Shivalik ranges in India. It is a major tourist attraction of the state. A must to visit city with its exotic beauty has many temples reflecting the spirituality of the place, a great number of gift shops that give shoppers a wonderful experience, and obviously being situated at the base of the hills is an attractive spot for trekkers. The city offers a unique experience to everyone it could be aged person, a trekker or a person who loves to shop or for children. The city even hosts wonderful resorts that offer five- star facilities to their customer. Its temperate climate attracts tourists throughout the year.



Tourist Attractions:

There are a great number of tourist attractions in and around Dehradun. A number of historic temples reflect the spiritual importance of the place. Below is a short list of major tourist attractions.

Forest Research Institute: it credited as a top-notch institute committed to forest research. Museum with a rich collection of biological specimens and the botanical gardens within the campus are the major attractions.

Tapkeshwar Temple: as the name indicates it is the temple of lord eshwar or shiva, known for strict ritual of meditation. The temple offers a wonderful picturesque of valley with gushing river flowing.

Malsi Deer Park: it’s a sanctuary of deer’s, located 8km from the city center.

Sahastradhara: it is nothing but the sulfur springs that are believed to cure certain skin diseases. The greenery and the foam of waterfalls make it a best picnic spot.

Robber’s Cave: known for the stream of water that disappears and flows underground. It again reappears as a stream of water after some distance.

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology: Known for the museum with a rich geological collection of India. There a great number of rock samples, semi-precious stones and fossils.

Lakshman Siddh Temple: place of spiritual importance where lakshman the youger brother of lord rama has undergone reparation after killing Ravana, the demon king.

Chandrabani, Sai Darbar, Tibetan temple, Santala Devi Temple,  are other places of spiritual importance and   lachhiwala, Asan Barrage Sports are picnic spots that are located in and around Dehradun.

Thus with a great number of tourist attractions, ease of transportation makes the city a major tourist attraction contributing a great amount to the state revenue.



  • Tapkeshwar Temple
  • Sahastradhara
  • Dakpathar
  • Asan Barrage
  • Laxman Sidh
  • Malsi Deer Park Chandrabani
  • Sai Mandir
  • Tibetan Temple
  • Robber’s Cave
  • LacchiWala
  • Bhagirathi Resort Santala Devi
  • Tapovan
  • Rajaji National Park
  • Gularghati (only for male)
  • Budha Temple & Park Clementown
  • Maldevta
  • Malsi Deer Park,
  • Dat Kali Mata Mandir
  • Sahastradhara


History of Dehradun


According to the ved and puran Dehradun was the part of Garhwal Mandal.In the past time Dehradun was known as the Kedar Khand.It is called that Dehradun is the earth of Lord Shiva.According to the Hindu and Hindu mythology,Lord Rama and Laxmana had done a great penance and dedication to kill Ravana,who was the demon king of Lanka.According to the puran it is also said that the Brahmin guru Dronacharya’s ashram was established here.Drone was the teacher of  Kauravas and Pandavas.It is written that dates back to 250 BC great king Ashoka’s inscriptions can be found outside the city.



Tara_statue_Great_Stupa_Dehra_Dun near haridwar
Tara_statue_Great_Stupa_Dehra_Dun near haridwar

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