Haridwar Police Contact numbers are important for any emergency while travelling. Please save the following numbers when you are visiting haridwar.

Uttarkahand Police Haridwar contact numbers
Important contact number of police personnel in haridwar


SSP Haridwar 239777
C.O. City First Haridwar 265800
C.O. Sadar Haridwar 239777
Comdt. CISF, BHEL 230567
Comdt. Home guard HDR 225637
Comdt. PAC Haridwar 251986
Kotwali Haridwar 265874
Kotwali Jwalapur 250444
Police Emergency 100
S.P. City, Haridwar 265722
Thana Ranipur 231365
Thana Kankhal 246080
Jail Roshnabad 239500
Bahadrabad 248600
LIU 234670
Fire Station 101

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