List of Trains from and to haridwar

A comprehensive list of trains operating to and from Haridwar.You can use this list of trains from haridwar for your reference. You can also browse the specific list of Trains from Delhi and Trains from Chandigarh . You can also check the list of bus from haridwar.

Trains from delhi to haridwar



List of Trains From and To Haridwar

train no.train namefromtoarrivesdepartsstop time
12017Dehradun ShtbdiNew DelhiDehradun11:2511:283 min
12018Dehradun ShtbdiDehradunNew Delhi18:0818:135 min
12053Hw Asr JnshtbdiHaridwar JnAmritsar Jnstarts14:350
12054Asr Hw JnshtbdiAmritsar JnHaridwar Jn13:55ends0
12055Ddn JanshtbdiNew DelhiDehradun19:3019:355 min
12056Ndls JnshtbdiDehradunNew Delhi06:1706:225 min
12205Nzm Ddn Ac ExpH NizamuddinDehradun03:5504:005 min
12327Upasana ExpressHowrah JnDehradun16:0016:055 min
12328Upasana ExpressDehradunHowrah Jn23:4523:5510 min
12688Ddn Mas ExpDehradunChennai Central08:3508:4510 min
14041Mussoorie ExpDelhi S RohillaDehradun05:5206:2230 min
14042Mussoorie ExpDehradunDelhi S Rohilla22:4523:1025 min
14114Link ExpressDehradunAllahabad Jn14:4014:5010 min
4115Ald Hw ExpAllahabad JnHaridwar Jn14:30ends0
14116Hw Ald ExpHaridwar JnAllahabad Jnstarts16:200
14119Kgm Ddn ExpressKathgodamDehradun02:4002:5010 min
14120Ddn Kgm ExpressDehradunKathgodam00:1000:2010 min
14265Bsb Ddn ExpVaranasi JnDehradun03:3004:1545 min
14266Ddn Bsb ExpressDehradunVaranasi Jn20:0520:3530 min
14309Ujjaini ExpressUjjain JnDehradun16:4716:5710 min
14310Ujjaiyani ExpDehradunUjjain Jn07:3507:438 min
14317Ind Ddn ExpressIndore Jn BgDehradun16:4716:5710 min
4318Ddn Indb ExpDehradunIndore Jn Bg07:3507:438 min
14609Hemkunt ExpRishikeshJammu Tawi17:2017:5030 min
14610Hemkunt ExpJammu TawiRishikesh06:4006:5010 min
14631Ddn Asr ExpressDehradunAmritsar Jn21:1521:4025 min
14632Asr Ddn ExpressAmritsar JnDehradun07:3008:1040 min
14711Hw Sgnr ExpressHaridwar JnShri Ganganagarstarts14:050
14712Sgnr Hw ExpressShri GanganagarHaridwar Jn13:35ends0
15001Mfp Ddn ExpMuzaffarpur JnDehradun11:5012:0010 min
15002Ddn Mfp ExpDehradunMuzaffarpur Jn16:5217:0210 min
15005Gkp Ddn ExpressGorakhpur JnDehradun11:5012:0010 min
15006Ddn Gkp ExpDehradunGorakhpur Jn16:5217:0210 min
18478KalingautkalexpHaridwar JnPuristarts06:000
19019Dehradun ExpBandra TerminusDehradun15:2015:3010 min
19020Dehradun ExpDehradunBandra Terminus12:3012:5020 min
19105Haridwar MailAhmedabad JnHaridwar Jn12:15ends0
19106Hw Adi MailHaridwar JnAhmedabad Jnstarts15:250
9265Uttaranchal ExpOkhaDehradun16:4716:5710 min
9266Uttaranchal ExpDehradunOkha07:3507:438 min
4887AHw Bme Link ExpHaridwar JnBarmerstarts19:050
24888Bme Hw Link ExpBarmerHaridwar Jn09:30ends0
13009Doon ExpressHowrah JnDehradun04:2505:0035 min
13010Doon ExpressDehradunHowrah Jn21:5022:1525 min
04055Nzm Ddn Ac SplH NizamuddinDehradun03:5504:005 min
12206Nzm Ddn Ac ExpDehradunH Nizamuddin00:3500:405 min
04056Ddn Nzm Ac SplDehradunH Nizamuddin00:2500:4015 min
12287DEHRADUN EXPKochuveliDehradun16:0016:055 min
12288DDN KCVL SUP EXPDehradunKochuveli07:3507:438 min
18477Utkal ExpressPuriHaridwar Jn20:30ends0
14163Sangam ExpressAllahabad JnMeerut City11:0511:138 min
12687Dehradun ExpChennai CentralDehradun03:1703:225 min
12370HW HWH S F EXPHaridwar JnPatna Jnstarts23:550

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