List of Trains from Delhi to Haridwar

List of Trains from Delhi to Haridwar

If you are travelling from delhi to haridwar, you can book one of the following trains. The following list of trains from delhi to haridwar is updated every month. You can also check the complete list of trains from haridwar  and/or List of Bus to and from Haridwar


Haridwar railway station , train information
Haridwar railway station , train information

NoTrainDepartureArrivalDurationRunning Days from
1Dehradun Exp5:47 AM3:20 PM9h 33mAll Days
-19019(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
2Haridwar Mail5:50 AM12:15 PM6h 25mAll Days
-19105(Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
3Dehradun Shtbdi6:50 AM11:25 AM4h 35mAll Days
-12017(New Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
4Dehradun Exp11:00 AM4:00 PM5hSun
-12287(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
5Ind Ddn Express11:30 AM4:47 PM5h 17mMon & Sun
-14317(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
6Uttaranchal Exp11:30 AM4:47 PM5h 17mSat
-19565(New Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
7Ujjaini Express11:30 AM4:47 PM5h 17mThu & Fri
-14309(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
8Ltt Haridwar Sp1:20 PM6:45 PM5h 25mWed
-1013(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
9Utkal Express2:35 PM8:30 PM5h 55mAll Days
-18477(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
10Ddn Janshtbdi3:25 PM7:30 PM4h 5mAll Days
-12055(New Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
11Dehradun Exp9:10 PM3:15 AM6h 5mFri
-12687(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
12Mussoorie Exp10:20 PM5:52 AM7h 32mAll Days
-14041(Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
13Aii Hw Mela Spl11:20 PM5:15 AM5h 55mMon, Tue, Wed & Sun
(0236A)(Delhi)(Haridwar Jn)
14Nzm Ddn Ac Spl11:55 PM3:55 AM4hSat
-4055(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)
15Nzm Ddn Ac Exp11:55 PM3:55 AM4hMon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sun
-12205(H Nizamuddin)(Haridwar Jn)



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  1. Pls inform about the train from delhi to haridwar next november – name:dehradun shtbdi nr 12017-where do i get on in new delhi, what is the train station name and adress in new delhi?pls send the price too-one good seat-luxury if possible.
    regards, tks.

  2. @ maria de fátima
    Dehradun Shtbdi Train No-12017
    Departure from New Delhi Railway Station (NDLS)
    AC Chair Car fare is Rs.585 /- as on May 3rd. Most probably no fare revision when you plan your trip in November.
    Have a safe Journey :-)

  3. I need tickets from Delhi to haridwar

  4. I need a ticket of ddn janstabdhi 12055
    from delhi to haridwar on 10 august plz provide me detail how i cat ticket
    from where

  5. Please inform me haridwar train details

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  8. plz all train infom me delhi to haridware

  9. Needs5tickets from Delhi to haridwar on28may evening

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