Most of people ask this question when they hear about city of haridwar, Where is haridwar? You might not have heard about haridwar because it is a small city, probably in radius of 5-10 KM only ( the city is a much smaller area as compared to haridwar district, which is an administrative entity).

If you want an answer that is geographically correct , well then Haridwar is located in Northern part of India, in the state of Uttarakhand , at the banks of River Ganges.

Co-ordinates – 29° 58′ 0″ N / 78° 10′ 0″ E

If you ask me this question  to me, “Where is Haridwar” , I would probably say that its where the Ganges descends to the plains for the first time, its the place which people treat as the gateways to the gods. Its epicenter of hindu beliefs. Its the place where life starts as well as where life ends ,( In Hinduism, there are lot of Samskara, the first one being the Mundan , and the last one being the Antim- Samskar, Its recommended to get these samskara done at haridwar)

Haridwar caters you a different view altogether of India. Different from other parts but similar to somewhat that in Varanasi and Allahbad.







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